化学系学术报告:Intrinsically Chiral and Multimodal Click Chemistry


时间:2023年 6 月 1 2 日 16:00-- 17:30



主讲人:Prof. Han Zuilhof

主讲人简介:Han Zuilhof is the Chair of Organic Chemistry at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, and Perennial Distinguished Guest professor of Molecular Science at Tianjin University, China. His interests include surface bound organic chemistry (how to better control organic reactions at a surface) and organic chemistry towards more efficient and mild reactions for small molecule, macrocycle, polymer and polymer brush synthesis. He’s the author of 250 peer reviewed papers, including Nature Chem, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., J. Am. Chem. Soc. et al.  He loves all of China, but Guizhou is his favorite province.

内容简介:Click chemistry has revolutionized many facets of the molecular sciences. Yet surprisingly little attention has been given to the development of intrinsically chiral click reactions (potentially enantiospecific, rather than ‘only’  enantioselective due to chiral auxiliary groups), while the modularity of many click reactions is best compared to one-dimensional LEGO. Of course, much could be done within the constraints-hence forementioned revolution-but it drove attention towards an extension of available click chemistries.

The talk will focus on the resulting investigations in the field of S(VI) exchange chemistry, with specific emphasis on two fields: a) the development of intrinsically enantiospecific click reactions and their use to e.g. make chiral macrocycles or synthetic polymers with 100% backbone chirality that combine stability & degradability, and b) the development of multimodular click chemistry and single-polymer studies by a combination of AFM, TEM, scanning Auger microscopy.